Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May
Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May

Client: Emma West

Location: Cardiff

Workroom size: 3.5m *2.5m


During the lockdown, both Emma and her partner started working from home. Like a lot of us to finding a space to work comfortably at home has been a challenge.

Emma got in touch to come up with a solution for her workspace. Her main priority was to build a sustainable garden workroom which she can use as her home office.

The end result is a stunning workspace for Emma and a better alternative for her work. Her garden office has not only added value to her property but also has helped her find a calmer, enjoyable working environment.

About our client and the challenges, she was facing.

Even though the flexible working conditions have proven to be a success for the majority of us, there is also the issue of comfortable shared space for couples who work at home.

Our client lives in a small terrace house in central Cardiff which means that it can be challenging to compromise on working space.

Comfortable, spacious eco-friendly garden office
The end result was a lovely, modern, spacious sustainable workroom which Emma could use as her home office.

This was the main reason why Emma got in touch with us. She needed help building a multipurpose sustainable garden workroom. Doing so will help create more room in the house and improve living conditions.

Her main priority was having a garden office that is ethically built and sustainable. Our goal was to provide Emma with a more calming working environment which will get her excited to “go to work”.

The end result is a lovely, modern, spacious sustainable workroom. Furthermore, giving both Emma and her partner a stress-free home with a better working environment alternative.

Why us?

The main reason why our clients choose us is that the quality of work we produce is worth their investment. Our focus is on building eco-friendly garden workrooms that use ethically sourced materials and that last. Our workrooms have a 20+ years guarantee.

They are designed to help improve our clients’ lives and add value to their homes. Over the years we’ve mastered our craftmanship and are now able to offer sustainable workrooms that are all accommodating to the site.

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How we responded to her request.

To make the whole process smoother we booked a 15-minute call to discuss the working process. This is important because it’s not just about building something that looks beautiful. It’s about making sure that we understand our clients’ demands and priorities.

The result

The end result is a beautiful, modern multipurpose sustainable garden workroom which our client can use as her home office, yoga room, and reading room.

The building took a day and a half for the 3.2 *2.5 metres (most popular size) workroom.

Beautiful garden office built by UK workroom in Cardiff Garden office built by UK Workroom in Cardiff cozy sustainable eco-friendly workroom built by UK Workroom in Cardiff


A fantastic company which we highly recommend. We are absolutely delighted with our new Workroom One, which was installed in our back garden last week.

We had lots of questions from Jack along the way but he was always quick to respond and very helpful. We appreciated him coming out for a site visit and for making time for us to visit the showroom.

The Workrooms themselves are beautiful: the craftsmanship is second to none and the materials in and outside are all ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, which was important to us.

We spoke to several companies but Workroom had the best finish and the best ethics for the price. The room looks so striking in our quite thin, long inner-city garden and I have already been using it for reading, yoga and as a home office.

The installation was very quick – only two days – and Jack, Max and John were wonderfully friendly and professional throughout. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Workroom to those wishing to extend their living and working space.

For those who love their gardens like me, it’s a particular delight to be able to work in amongst the plants, able to nature watch from an entirely new angle. Thank you to the whole Workroom team!

Emma West
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