Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May
Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May

Here at workroom we put sustainability at the heart of everything we design and make. We believe our garden rooms can create a comfortable and stylish environment for people needing extra space in their home to thrive in. We know that the great outdoors, if only in your garden, can provide the much needed sanctuary for work or relaxation. We work with, not against, the natural world and consider biophilic design in all of our workrooms.

Whether you are working from the office at the end of the garden or using the extra space to make noise and in some cases make space for silence, we hope our design and installation of your new garden room or office space promotes and engages with the founding principles of biophilic design.

The Eight Values of Biophilic Design

Scattered, cluttered vegetation

Having a garden room that is surrounded by or houses vegetation (such as our living sedum roofs) is important. Not only is it an important element of biophilic design but it serves as a reminder that your work space is located outside, and should therefore reflect the natural world.

Overlooking landscape (or your own house)

The benefits of an outdoor room is that it allows you to overlook your garden and appreciate nature. Many find being surrounded by nature inspiring.

Blurring the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors

Having a garden room ultimately brings the indoors outside. But perhaps consider bringing nature inside your workroom too. Each room is handmade with natural materials, which is a start, but personal choices, such as buying pot-plants, can make the space even greener and further close the gap between the outdoors and indoors.

Dynamic and diffuse light

Lighting effects produced by nature often give the best ambience, especially to a space located outside. Our workrooms have large glazed windows that allow for beautiful natural light to pour in. The team will work with you to ensure that your garden room is positioned so that it allows for the optimal amount of sunlight to reach your room whilst also minimising glare.

Natural scents

As our workrooms are created with natural materials, from timber floors to cork walls, you do not have to worry about your new garden room being artificial in smell, something that man-made plastics and materials can often emit.

Proximity to water

Having your garden room closely located to water has the potential to help make a calm space even calmer.

Use of local and natural materials

Using local and naturally-sourced materials is one of the best things you can do in ensuring successful biophilic design. Our workrooms are created with only natural products and we take inspiration from nature in each and every one of our designs.

Shelter and privacy

If you are looking for a sanctuary to escape to, having a space that is private is key. Our garden rooms make the perfect places for personal endeavours as they are enclosed, designed to shelter you from adverse weather and the busy comings and goings of everyday life. This means that you can feel completely comfortable and relaxed in your workroom.

How do our garden rooms promote Biophilic Design?

We believe that biophilic design can increase productivity through a direct connection to the natural environment. Some key features of our design process we feel promote biophilic design and are integral to us as a company include:

Natural lighting
Rooms with views of nature
Natural patterns in architecture
Sustainably sourced raw materials
Our living green sedum roofs
The direct and indirect exposure to nature through our beautiful glazed windows (we are now offering an open window addition)

How are our workrooms being used?

Our workrooms are being used for a variety of things. From a home office, to a music studio, yoga studio, and artist studio, it is apparent that it is popular for these spaces to be filled with your creative passions or hobbies. Workrooms are also great places to relax in, with some of our customers making them into dedicated therapy spaces and just good old fashioned garden rooms for reading your book and drinking tea.

What’s your favourite view from your workroom? We would love to hear from you . Tag us @ukworkroom #gardenviews

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