Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May
Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May

So you have made the decision of building a garden office. There is so much inspiration all over the internet that it can be hard to narrow down what you want. We have put together some useful tips to help you out.

Make it multifunctional 

Although its main use is a home office, a garden room is useful for many things. You never know what the future will bring. An office may not always be what you want. Building a garden office to be adaptable is a wise decision and may save renovation money in the future. 

Consider colours when building a garden office

Colours are not only an aesthetic decision. The psychology of colours is something to consider. In an office, it is important to have high productivity levels. Psychologists have said there are four primary colours that aid with productivity.  

  • Red: Red is a productivity booster in high-energy or high-stress situations. So if your job is one that is fast-paced, splashes of red could be a good idea. 
  • Blue: Blue is a calming colour that helps with concentration. It is commonly used in offices as these traits are beneficial for workers. 
  • Yellow: Yellow is great for optimism and creativity. Building a garden office with tones of yellow is beneficial for the room’s energy. 
  • Green: Green induces a sense of calm and relaxation, especially in times when one feels overwhelmed. This is one of the most common colours for garden offices, and we recommend it highly.

Garden maintenance 

Building a garden office is a hack to improving your garden overall. However, the rest of your garden can still lose its spark if not maintained.

It will be your new commute to work, as well as a nice getaway from the office during work hours. Studies show that having fresh air helps with workers’ productivity and overall well-being. So you will not regret keeping your garden in its best shape. 


Considering lighting when building a garden office is essential for your health and well-being. A 2018 study showed that daylight resulted in an 84% drop in common office illnesses – eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision. It also resulted in more alert employees with higher performance rates.  

Luckily a lot of garden offices are designed to utilise as much natural light as possible. Large, expansive windows are often used. The placement of your furniture to ensure you are getting the right amount of lighting when sitting at your desk is also something to consider. Whilst also thinking about the light glare on your computer screen. 

However, natural light is dependent on the time of year, so artificial lighting in your garden office needs to be sufficient. Garden rooms have to be under a certain height in order not to have to apply for planning permissions. For this reason, you may want to look into lighting that aids in making the room look larger.

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Ergonomic design 

Ergonomic design is the science of designing equipment to maximise efficiency. Building a garden office to fit with ergonomics will reduce the physical strains that come with working. Here are some top tips for ergonomic design: 

  • Desk height: Your desk height is important in keeping your posture correct throughout the day, reducing neck and back strains. It should be at a height where your elbows rest comfortably on the desk, with your feet flat and back straight. 
  • Legroom: Sitting for long periods of time means it is important to have space to stretch your legs. Consider moving your desk away from the wall if this is not the case and clear out any clutter. 
  • Suitable chair: The perfect chair will be different for every person as it depends on the height, body shape and the type of work you are doing. There are office chairs built specifically for ergonomics, with features such as built-in back support. A basic tip is to have your spine resting upright against the back of the chair. 

Make it your own 

Your garden office is your personal space. With all the tips out there, the most important is to make it somewhere you are comfortable. Depending on your work hours, this could be the place you are spending most of your time. Walking into a room that sparks joy for you has an immediate uplifting effect on your mood, improving your work ethic. It can be as simple as adding a family photo, a favourite candle or a piece of artwork. So personal touches are a great way to finish the building of your garden office. 

At Little Green Rooms, we work with you to create the perfect garden office. Our range of sizes and finishes ensure it is the right fit for you.

To find out more get in touch with us.  

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