Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May
Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May

15 Benefits of an eco garden room

Benefits of an eco garden room

Garden rooms are on the rise as the latest home improvement trend, especially since the lockdown of 2020. A lot of us discovered a newfound appreciation for our gardens. For those of you that are intrigued by these little green rooms but are unsure, we have put together 15 benefits of an eco garden room.  […]

A sustainable alternative for your garden yoga studio.

Garden workroom .

Have you been looking for an alternative space to practise yoga? A place where you can relax or even teach the art of yoga in the vicinity of your own home? This blog will look at a more sustainable option for your garden yoga studio. Benefits of a garden yoga studio  A garden yoga studio […]

The Benefits Of An Insulated Garden Room

Insulated Garden Room - Little Green Room

If you are considering a garden room, insulation should be one of your top priorities. In the winter, an insulated garden room can provide you with a much-needed cosy retreat, perfect for that comfy office space or yoga studio you have always dreamed of.  What Makes An Insulated Garden Room? An insulated garden room is […]

B Corp Month

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Healthy planet, healthy people, healthy working During B Corp month, workroom is really starting to understand and harness how sustainability is fast becoming a founding principal for most companies.  The UK is leading the way in the race to get as many big companies B Corp certified as possible and we are looking to ourselves […]