Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May
Spring Open Event - 11th May & 12th May

Have you been looking for an alternative space to practise yoga? A place where you can relax or even teach the art of yoga in the vicinity of your own home? This blog will look at a more sustainable option for your garden yoga studio.

Benefits of a garden yoga studio 

A garden yoga studio creates the perfect space for you to completely immerse yourself in your yoga practice. One of the key elements that we provide for our clients is insulation. This is essential and feels wonderful, especially when doing relaxation and restoration poses. 

You also want to feel warm and cosy in the middle of winter and still feel like you have a grounded practice. Being comfortable and relaxed will help you get the most out of your poses. 

Your garden yoga studio also gives you the option in summer to open up the doors, step out into the garden and be one with nature. 

Studies have shown that nature does have a huge impact on one’s mental health. Connecting more with the surrounding environment at any time of the year can help add that extra health benefit.


To ensure that your studio is always comfortable and warm, especially during the colder seasons, we insulate all floors, walls, and ceilings with 100mm thick and 100% sustainable, ethical British wool insulation. This allows the insulation to last longer than synthetic insulation and helps improve thermal insulation.

Little Green Room 100% sustainable ethical British wool insulation. Garden yoga studio.

The doors and windows of our garden rooms are all double-glazing, which provides excellent insulation. This is also a bonus for helping keep heating bills low.

When it comes to our garden room designs, we ensure that we do not cut any corners. Our goal is to always provide quality end results that benefit our clients. As part of the installation, we provide premium wifi controlled wall heaters. This means that you are able to control heating using either an app on your IOS or Android device. 

Sedum Roof

For all our garden studios, we install a green sedum roof system. This doesn’t only add a beautiful organic look, but it also helps add an additional layer of insulation. 

If you’re a nature lover and are interested in a more eco-living lifestyle, you’ll be happy to learn that the added sedum layer also provides a natural habitat for insects, bugs and birds.

Sedum helps add biodiversity and insulation to your garden room e.g for a garden yoga studio.

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A studio of your own

Like many of us, the Covid-19 lockdown was when many people started having a different perspective on their working environment or space of work. For those who love yoga, the idea of owning their own studio or being able to practise and teach yoga at home sounds like a better cost-effective, stress-free alternative.

Having your own studio means being able to have more control over the working environment, design and also rent costs. To be able to create an environment that is very much your own and share that with others does add that extra element of calmness and serenity – which is what yoga is all about! 

The decor

We all have an idea of what we like in terms of designs. Most people prefer a yoga studio decorated with a minimum amount of furniture and as little stuff as possible. Your relaxed space can include any type of decor you wish.

With our different options of stunning finishes, you can make the yoga garden studio your own.

Choose your finishing for your garden room

From 3 different engineered Oak flooring finishes to a small range of Farrow and Ball paints, you can decorate a space that is truly yours. No matter what your decor options are, the best part is that you have control over your environment.

How to pick your studio

At Little Green Rooms, we offer five different size options for your garden yoga studio.

All of our workrooms are built with sustainability in mind. Something that we very much abide by, as the more sustainable the design is, the longer it lasts.


As part of our service, we provide free delivery and installation from Cotswolds to Cornwall and South Wales. We guarantee all garden workrooms for 10 years. 


As a team, we prioritise ensuring the whole process is as easy as possible. The installation of the garden yoga studio is very simple and stress-free. The whole process will take between 12 – 14 weeks. The process will either start with a showroom visit or a virtual consultation. 

After which, you will receive a quote for your desired size and spec of your garden yoga studio. Once you are happy with your quotes and we have agreed on your finishes, we can proceed to install your garden room. The lead time for installation is usually 12 – 16 weeks. 

All of the garden rooms are built in advance, and we aim to have your garden room completed up to 7 days before your scheduled installation date.

We normally carry out any paint touch-ups and cleaning that is required so that everything is ready for you to start enjoying your new space.

Sustainable garden room that can be used as a garden yoga studio.

We hope this blog was helpful and has provided you with the information you need. If you are still uncertain and have a few more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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